Jan 24, 2008

Long Time Gone

I have read a great many stories over 2007 and one that still haunts me today is 'Longtime Gone', penned by a fellow HL'er, that goes by the moniker of Kurt Dinan. By day he is a mild-mannered English teacher, but by night, his pen of evil comes alive in his hand and all Hell breaks loose. The above mentioned story was just put on the preliminary list for a Bram Stoker award. For those of you not familiar...think Academy award for those of us in the horror writing world. And this piece is well deserving of that honor. Don't say I didn't warn you. So now I give you:



Erik Smetana said...

Hands down one of if not the best short story I read all of last year.

Congrats to Kurt, here's to hoping he makes the final ballot.


Todd said...

Agreed Erik.